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According to Sophos Labs, one of the internet’s foremost suppliers of security services, about 30,000 websites are hacked every day! 

Most SME businesses don’t appreciate the effect that a hacked website can have on their business. A hacked website can leave them ‘in the dark’ without email and the ability to connect with their clients and potential clients. Equally as discouraging is that once a website is hacked, in many cases the website is completely lost. The code is contaminated, altered or corrupt, and almost certainly the entire content of the website which the owner will have invested many hours and some cost to collate is lost.

Why do websites get hacked?

The main reason is that the infected website can be used to spread the virus or malicious code, most commonly to redirect the infected websites to other websites which generate money like online pharmacy sites or adult sites.

What can be done to minimise the chance of a website getting hacked?

The greatest number of website hack attempts take place on the most popular web design CMS software such as WordPress or Joomla. The clear reason for this is the popularity of using one of these free web design software’s with over 30% of all websites using WordPress making them not only the largest potential target for hackers, but they are the easiest to hack as well. Keeping the CMS platform updated with any recommended updates from WordPress or any plug-in vendors will help to maximize security.

Furthermore the majority of websites are hosted on shared servers; which means business owners have no say over which other websites are using the same server space. A small business may be sharing space with adult sites, gaming sites and online pharmacies. If these sites are hacked the server may go down. Using a dedicated server will maximize security, but is of course more expensive.

A backup is a copy of your website that is kept in a different location and NOT on the server where the website is hosted. Should a website be hacked having a backup available is crucial. It will save time, expense and huge anxiety!

At Activ Web Design our infrastructure is designed to ensure we are positioned to effectively deal with security threats before they arise.

  • Our Activ Web Design platform has been developed by us in house. It is bespoke software not open source. This significantly reduces threat of hacking compared to other platforms. Is a hacker more likely to target software with millions of sites, or software with thousand?
  • Our servers are dedicated, which means that we only host websites that are built using the Activ Web Design software. We are able to inspect all websites and their content, we know who are clients are they are all small to medium sized businesses. No dodgy sites here!
  • We routinely backup every Activ website weekly, so if there is an issue we have the ability to restore the website and have it up and running in a matter of hours (maybe a day!) and not the weeks or months that it might take to build it from scratch again. Many of our competitors make a charge for a backup service, charging as much as £40 or £50 per month! With Activ Web Design, the cost of dedicated servers is already built into our transparent pricing.

You will be surprised just how little it costs to get your business online! Become Activ today!

Why use Activ?


Search Engine Friendly

Our search engine friendly websites will help you to get more than your fair share of business online.


Custom Design

We don't use templates. We include many features and functions as standard that competitors charge extra for.


Social Media

If you have a social media presence we can link your bespoke website to these accounts.


Secure Hosting

All our clients' websites are hosted on secure servers that are continually monitored and regularly backed up.



All Activ website packages include client email. That is accessible from anywhere via a web browser or an email program, such as Outlook.


Technical Support

Technical and day-to-day support is included for complete peace of mind. No call centres or telephone menus, just real people.

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