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Why use a Local Agency

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Why you should us a local Web Design Agency

Choosing a Web Design partner is one of the most critical business decisions any organisation may make. If you make the wrong choice it can become very stressful and expensive. 

Here are a few points that you might consider before you make your mind up:

Local Agencies understand the Local Market

A local Web Design Agency is likely to be an expert in Generating Local Web Traffic. A local Agency will know your competitors, and potential clients. This local knowledge is a significant advantage in ensuring that your business stands out in the local area. This is particularly important for a start-up business.

I have a huge variety of clients and connections in Ipswich, I regularly create business referrals for my clients from within my contact sphere.

Meet face to Face

When working with a local web design company, you can arrange for a physical meeting and brief your designer in person on your ideas and preferred design. This leads to faster and improved communication between designer and the client.

Local Testimonials – Lower Risk

Outsourcing web design to a local web design company, involves lower risks, higher accountability, better communication, and reliable support. Most of my clients are based in Ipswich my reputation and the success of my business depends on how good I am at creating satisfied clients from within the local community.

After Sales Service

Following the launch of your Web Site you will want to add new pages, products, services, news items, special offers and generally update the website. At Activ Web Design we provide a free update service for 12 months after a website goes live. We do this because we are local and have a vested interest in our clients who are also local.

Check that they are actually “Local” Peter Mann Activ Web Design Ipswich

If you Google” Web Design Ipswich” you might expect to see a list of Web Design Companies based in Ipswich? Not so. On the first page of Google for the above search term there are Local Web Design Agencies like Activ Web Design.

However if you check the contact details of some of the listed Agencies you may be surprised to notice that they are actually located in:  Cardiff, Colchester, Glasgow, Hemel Hempstead, London, Manchester, and Salford.

These companies masquerade as being local, because they also appreciate the benefits of using a local Agency so they pretend to be one. I am not suggesting that they are not reputable companies or that they are Web Design factories churning out websites on a production line. However by creating the perception that they are local they are being less than transparent.

If you’d like to feel as loved as our current customers do, please contact us today for a FREE consultation.

To find out how I can help to get you get online quickly, easily and affordably please contact me Peter Mann owner director Activ Web Design Ipswich.

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Why use Activ?


Search Engine Friendly

Our search engine friendly websites will help you to get more than your fair share of business online.


Custom Design

We don't use templates. We include many features and functions as standard that competitors charge extra for.


Social Media

If you have a social media presence we can link your bespoke website to these accounts.


Secure Hosting

All our clients' websites are hosted on secure servers that are continually monitored and regularly backed up.



All Activ website packages include client email. That is accessible from anywhere via a web browser or an email program, such as Outlook.


Technical Support

Technical and day-to-day support is included for complete peace of mind. No call centres or telephone menus, just real people.