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Activ Web Design Ipswich

m: 07963 789281

Ipswich Web Design & SEO

About Activ Web Design

Worried that you might be choosing a small web design business!

Don't be! 

You have all of the benefits of dealing with a local business, that has the support and knowledge of a large multi national franchise behind them.

Activ Web Design has a UK Head Office in Leeds. Where they provide technical support, training and access to a team of highly skilled developers should they be needed? There are presently around 30 UK franchisees, as well as many more Worldwide.

Activ Web Design has worked alongside small to medium businesses since 2007, specialising in designing low cost fixed price websites. Since then Activ’s licensees and franchises have designed & launched thousands of websites, making them one of the largest web design companies in the UK.

You will be surprised just how little it costs to get your business online! Become Activ today!

The contacts below are a close network of colleagues and friends who are all Activ Web Design Licensees. We collaborate to find design and coding solutions for each other and our clients, while helping grow our own successful businesses. Between us we have well over 100 years of web design experience, and have designed 1,000's of Websites.

Lisa Activ Web Design Essex

Lisa Smith

Web Design in Essex


Mark Activ Web Design Surrey

Mark Rouvray

Web Design in Surrey


Malcolm Web Design Yorkshire

Malcolm Peach

Web Design in Yorkshire


Cess Web Design Bedfordshire

Cess Holden

Web Design in Bedfordshire


Dave Web Design Yorkshire

Dave Rowland

Web Design in Yorkshire


Jennifer Fish Activ Worcester

Jennifer Fish

Web Design in Worcester