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Activ Web Design is one of the largest web design networks in the UK, with Web Design consultants who all operate their own businesses across the length & breadth of the UK.

Activ’s web design consultants offer a unique local service specifically aimed at the small business owner. We understand small businesses run on tight budgets, that’s why we offer low cost fixed price websites, so that you understand exactly the costs involved in having a web site designed, built & hosted for you with no nasty hidden extras.

Why does your business need a website?

  • Proportion of people who use their mobile handset to access the internet 61% (Q1 2015)
  • Average time spent per month browsing online on PCs or laptops 31 hours 19 minutes (March 2015)
  • Access to the Internet using a mobile phone more than doubled between 2010 and 2014, from 24% to 58%.
  • In 2012, 72% of all adults bought goods or services online, up from 53% in 2008.
  • In Great Britain, 22 million households (84%) had Internet access in 2014, up from 57% in 2006.

.*Source office of National Statistics

About Us

  • Many local people are overwhelmed and unsure when it comes to the internet and websites. Even though they are aware they need to be online, they are not sure how to achieve this.
  • The language of the internet and websites can be very complicated. You only have to look at other web design companies out there to see what we mean. Non-technical people generally don’t know what “domain name”, “e-commerce”, “search engine optimisation”, ”content management system” or “meta tag” means! How can they then be expected to gain an online presence?
  • The majority of web design companies have complicated pricing structures and rarely make the effort to meet a customer in person. By doing exactly this, we gain a much better understanding of the customer and the customers’ requirements.

Activ Web Design have identified that the way to ensure local people gain a viable online presence, whether they operate a business, sports team or community group, is by keeping everything as straight forward and easy to understand as possible. Whether you have been unsure where to look for a website previously, have had a bad experience in the past with another company, or have never even considered obtaining a web presence before – contact me and I will be happy to visit you and explain why a website will undoubtedly benefit you or your organisation.

Email: - phone 07963 789281 or click here to contact us.

Don’t let your business flatline get online today!